PRUmax invest

PRUmax invest
PRUmax invest is a life insurance package that integrates the best features of traditional and unit-linked products --- guaranteed protection benefit of a term plan and investment gains* through the Variable Life (VL) Rider.
*investment gains are not guaranteed
It’s affordable
For as low as PhP 12,120*, you can have PhP 1 million coverage and fund investment of PhP 5,000. The minimum top-up amount of PhP 5,000 is the lowest in the market today.
*Based on age 20; annual premium varies depending on age.
It’s rewarding
Aside from guaranteed protection, you can potentially grow your money as well, by investing it in Pru Life UK’s extensive portfolio of fund/s that best suit/s your risk appetite.** 
**Fund returns are not guaranteed.
It’s flexible
You are also provided with the flexibility to invest in the funds, through your agent, debit arrangement, or online means. It may either be done on a scheduled basis (same time as base premiums are paid) or anytime the policyowner receives windfall money or a bonus.
To learn more about PRUmax invest and how it can help you secure your and your loved ones financial future, please click here.


For ages
18 — 65 years
Minimum PhP 1,000,000 for ages 18 to 39
Minimum PhP 750,000 for ages 40 to 65


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