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Community Concepts

Tuesday, July 11, 2017
Empowering Filipinos is building a number of communities to provide information to different geographical and  like minded groups. Each community provides information, arranges events and enables you to meet other members.

Joining a Community
Once you ar a member of Empowering Filipinos you can choose which communities you would like to join by going to the Communities page and tapping on any of the community icons to learn more.
You will see description about the community and by tapping the 'JOIN ... ' button, you will be enrolled into that community and you can view community pages, media and members.

Note: to view enter a community you need to be signed in to Empowering Filipinos and have Joined that community.

Community content
To enter the gommunity, go back to the Communities page and in the 'My Communities' you will see a list of communities that you are enrolled. Tap on the icon and you will go to the community.

We hope this has been useful.