How CommLinked builds communities to help members

Sunday, May 21, 2017
How CommLinked builds communities to help members
The 'CommLinked Community Model' starts by delivering a bespoke development plan, based on the mission and aims of your particular Community. This includes agreeing clear objectives for your Community - such as membership growth, advocacy levels and also commercial principles - should your Community be “not for profit” or profit making, for example?

After this, we build the online environment in which your CommLinked Community lives. This always includes a website that can feature:
  • The purpose and activities of the Community
  • “Sign up” sections for new members to join, and for advocates to introduce them
  • Regular news items, blogs, competitions, chat forums- including details of upcoming member events
  • Special offers of products and services specially chosen to match the member’s interests
And with CommLinked, you and your fellow Community leaders have access to a range buiit-in reports and dashboards that let you measure the growth and ongoing activity of the Community. This insight lets you maximise the value you offer your Community members - and the support and loyalty they give you in return.

Members who join the Community through the website will also receive ongoing email communi-cations - containing news, surveys, member offers and opportunities to vote on Community initia-tives… in fact, anything relevant and important to your particular Community.

And for CommLinked Communities whose members are not yet fully online, your Community can also be built through other media channels - including mobile (SMS), print and face-to-face communications.

Want to know how a CommLinked Community could work for you?

For a confidential discussion on how CommLinked could build mutual benefits and loyalty amongst the members of your particular Community, simply contact us today, without obligation.

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