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Bazaars: The Perfect Venue for Startup Businesses

In our college days, the UST Entrepreneurship program instructed their students to establish their own businesses. Whether it be a big or a small business, it had to be a new established business. One of the biggest challenges that we had in establishing our business is getting a location to which we could generate sales in. Though as to what our professors told us, business is all about location, location, location; getting the right location with the factors of price, foot traffic, and having the right target market to come to your location is a bit more challenging than what low capital startups could afford.

Why I Started My Own Business than to have Worked for a Company

During my high school days, I’ve always wanted to either become a doctor or an employee of a very prestigious and well-known company that would be more than happy to give me a salary that would allow me to save and become a millionaire. Because let’s face it, we all want to become millionaires when we get older right?

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