Our Vision

"To be the premier on-line Filipino community by empowering our members, helping them uplift their lives and well-being of their families through opportunities, interactions and sharing views with fellow members."

Our Mission
Empowering Filipinos builds meaningful and relevant communities, with the help of advocates and sponsors, by educating the members to enable them to build stronger and closer bonds from shared opportunities.

About Empowering Filipinos

Empowering Filipinos operated by CommLinked Inc. promotes online communities giving access to microinsurance through partnership with the German Development Cooperation (GIZ) and Prudential Life UK. The online communities will be pilot tested in Tacloban City in the Visayas; and Butuan City in Mindanao. This initiative is aligned with the issuance of the Insurance Commission Circular Letter 2015-54, the Adoption and lmplementation of Enhanced Microinsurance Regulatory Framework.

The project named “Microinsurance Distribution through Online Communities (MicroComm)” is designed to maximize the Filipinos use of online services estimated at 35 million users in mid-2014 and projected to grow to 70 million by 2018, according to the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP). By using an electronic platform for promoting and selling insurance products, the initiative aims to bring down the price of life and non-life microinsurance products with the reduction of operational cost. It will add value to various sectors and groups through the enhancement of business systems using online technology.

MicroComm will assess and select viable sectors as pilot groups for promoting financial literacy through online advocacy, as part of the 50,000 online members targeted in 2018. Half of online communities (25,000) are expected to watch at least 6 financial literacy materials online. Consumer-centric products shall be designed based on online surveys, studies and historical consumer behavior, towards insuring 5,000 online community members. The project will also improve the knowledge of 85% of a sample population from the total number of online community members.

MicroComm complements with current systems of advocating, marketing and selling insurance products to address the protection gap in the Philippines. Online communities are designed to benefit anyone with access to the internet and share similar goals.

The project will roll-out the online communities in the third quarter of 2017, following a market assessment and product development study in Tacloban and Butuan Cities. The project runs in 2017 – 2018 funded by the German Government, Pru Life UK and Commlinked. 

Empowering Filipinos will work with other partners interested in building financial literacy throughout the Philippines. Find out more on our community and business partnership program.

About CommLinked

"Building Support and Loyalty through Connected Communities"
CommLinked helps build connected communities for any group which is important to the lifestyle, well-being or ideology of the individual members. Hence a CommLinked Community is ideal for:
  • Resident groups within specific cities and provinces
  • Political parties and supporter groups
  • Employees of large organisations and specific industries
  • Significant lifestyle interest groups, such as travel, investing, healthcare
  • Students and alumni of universities and other educational establishments
  • National and international charity supporters
The CommLinked approach starts by delivering a bespoke development plan, based on the mission and aims of your particular Community. This includes agreeing clear objectives for your Community - such as membership growth, advocacy levels and also commercial principles - should your Community be “not for profit” or profit making, for example?

To find out more visit our site CommLinked,  or contact us
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Email: info@commlinked.net

Our Partners
Find out more on how our partners are helping to empower our members.